Vitamin IV Push

Vitamin IV Push is an advanced 15 min delivery of concentrated vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream without unnecessary saline drip bags for immediate results.

Vitamin IV Push Effects

  • Boost immune system
  • Hydrate and eliminate toxins
  • Reduce fatigue and regenerate energy
  • Replenish vitamins and minerals
  • Get rid of migraines, muscle spasms, sinusitis and flu – increase athletic performance.

Our 15 min customized vitamin IV Push Drip addresses everything from migraines to energy boost to muscle spasms, as well as detox, fatigue, hangover, upper respiratory infections, chronic sinusitis, and seasonal allergies.



Replenish, rehydrate, improve natural energy production, combat fatigue & jetlag
Liver Reviver
Removes Toxins (waste products) and breaks down poisonous substances (alcohol and drugs) from the bloodstream, regulating blood sugar, creating bile and essential nutrients
Ultimate Hangover
Our Hangover IV is a unique formulation that is anti-inflammatory, re-hydrating and nausea-neutralizing. Say Goodbye to post-party grief
Build a strong Immune System, protect from viruses, flu and chronic illnesses
Boost youthful radiance with an exclusive blend of amino acids and skin brightening ingredients that stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines and diminish blemishes.
Mood Booster
Reduce anxiety and stress, elevate mood, improve clarity and brain function
Methylene Blue Push
Add-on to any IV $65
Glutathione Push 1 gr
Glutathione Push 3 gr
Setria Glutathione 10 mg
Saline add-on
Vitamin C Push
2,500 mg
Vitamin C Boost IV
10,000 mg
Vitamin C IV drip

Re-Plus Infusions Advanced

The most advanced formula to detoxify, build immune system, improve mood, sleep and appearance, slow down aging process
Cleanse your body of toxins, strengthen Immunity, reduce Inflammation, combat chronic fatigue and illness
Virus Prevention
Prevent and fight/recover faster from seasonal flu viruses with the powerful anti-virals and immune boosters


Improve natural energy production, combat fatigue, and jetlag


Elevate athletic performance and speed up recovery


Sharpen Brain Function, memory, concentration, agility. Slow down age-related cognitive decline


Strengthen the heart muscle, improve blood flow, protect arteries


Build a stronger immune system, protect from colds, flues and chronic illnesses.


Cleanse your liver and kidneys from toxins, reduce inflammation and clear out skin.


Be Bionic, slow down aging with powerful antioxidants.

Mobile IV & Facials

Don`t have time to leave the office? To sick to leave the house?
Or just don`t have the time in your schedule to make it in for your services?

NO WORRIES!!! The Fuel Stop is now offering mobile IV and Facial services. Receive one of our advanced 15-minute Vitamin Push IV`s or one of our instant glow facials and peels by one of our experienced professionals from the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room.

In-Room Vitamin Push IV Prices:

Ultimate Hangover
Refuel Hydration
Rebuild (Immune)
Age Erase/Glow
Mood Booster
Detox (Heal)
Be Bionic
High Dose Vitamin C
10,000 mg
NAD+ Therapy
500 mg
Liver Reviver
Advanced Liver Detox Formula


Boosts energy, regulates mood
Supports bone health, regulates immune response, & balances hormones
Cardiovascular health & energy production
Glutathione Shot
Glutathione Shot (Home Use 5 pack)
B12 Shot (Home Use Pack of 5)
D3 Shot (Home Use Pack of 5)
CoQ10 Shot
CoQ10 Shot (Home Use Pack of 5)
Immune Shot
Immune Shot (Home Use Pack of 5)
Skinny Shot
Skinny Shot (Home Use Pack of 5)
Calm Shot
Calm Shot (Home Use Pack of 5)
Magnesium Shot
Magnesium Shot (Hope Use 5 pack)