Laser IV Regeneration Therapy

The latest European scientific advancement for Anti-Aging


Complete Laser IV Regeneration (all 4 lasers)
Single Laser session
Single Laser add-on to Vitamin IV
Package of 4

How it works

Intravenous Laser Therapy is the application of different light colors and wavelength directly into the bloodstream using a thin fiberoptic catheter technology to stimulate mitochondria, circulating blood cells and stem cells.

It was first introduced in Germany in 2005 with the research funding from European Union.

Laser IV Regeneration, or Intravenous Laser Photodynamic Therapy, enables the blood to pass through light spectrum – yellow, red, blue and green, as well as infrared, stimulating the cell respiratory chain in the mitochondria with increased ATP (energy) production.

Each color of light uses a special photosensitizer that produces different positive effects on the mind and body.

The regenerative effects are induced by stimulation of the body’s own stem cells released from the bone marrow in to the bloodstream.

Laser IV Regeneration provides numerous health benefits and reduces symptoms of chronic conditions and illnesses: reduces aggregation of platelets, increases circulation of red blood cells, reduces viscosity, improves microcirculation, increases Nitric Oxide, activates immune system, induces regression of arterial plaque, increases antioxidant levels.


RED LASER (wavelength 635 nm)

Increases ATP; Improves Immunity; Increases Immunoglobulins,;Reduces CRP; Stimulates interleukin-1-alpha, interleukin 8, TNF-alpha and interferon-gamma (wound healing); Increases lymphocyte activity; increases cell activity and microcirculation; Increases oxygen in the blood


Laser IV Therapy for Lyme Disease

BLUE laser has been studied in Germany as the most effective wavelength for Lyme disease due to its strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects. It can enhance the effect of antibiotics to shorten treatment and minimize side effects.

  • RED LIGHT: Energizing, increases ATP production, strengthens immune system, increases cell activity, improves circulation and regenerates damaged tissue.
  • GREEN LIGHT: Increases Oxygen uptake, reduces pain and inflammation, increases Hemoglobin circulation, elevates ATP production by 30%.
  • BLUE LIGHT: Increases Nitric Oxide production, lengthens telomeres and extends longevity, improves microcirculation in the brain and heart, destroys a wide range of bacteria in the blood, antiviral and anti-parasitic.
  • YELLOW (GOLD) LIGHT: Antidepressant effect, improves mood, increases Serotonin and Vit D uptake, improves endocrine system and metabolism, detoxifies, promotes better sleep.