Perform at your best, become bionic: Urban Anti-Spa.

The Fuel Stop is the anti-pole to a traditional spa experience. Treatments are short in duration, naturally re-setting the body through extreme thermodynamics and IV-based supplementation, achieving instant results.

Immediate results that you can feel combined with long-term benefits for Prevention, Repair and Healing, with the focus on Energy – Immunity – Detox.



Dynamic and mobile concept, implementing latest technologies for Fast-Track experience, serving urban professionals with limited time.

Urban Anti-Spa: environment that blends medical professionalism with lounge ambience. PAUSE. REFUEL. FLY



“In my experience as a nutritionist, active professional and mother of two living in New York City, I have looked for one concept that was simply nowhere to be found: a ‘fast-track’, all-natural and non-invasive formula to sustainably regenerate energy ‘to feel and look great’ in less than 15 min.”

Mila Joura, Founder

The Founder

Mila Joura has been working as a nutritionist with international business leaders and high-performance athletes to achieve optimal physical and brain performance.   Dealing with fast-paced and demanding business environments, she has been driven to discover the optimal foundation for a healthy high-performance life.

As an active professional and mother of two, Mila experienced first-hand the challenges that a health-conscious urban population faces, such as metabolic slowdown, lifestyle-triggered inflammation, increased demand for sustainable energy and the need for strong immune system.

With these challenges and first-hand experiences, she decided to create Fast-Track Regeneration concept:  The Fuel Stop – the ultimate Circuit of natural air whole submersion Cryochamber, advanced Detox OCI-10 Ozone/Infrared treatment, IV Vitamin Push as optimal delivery of nutrients, complimented by advanced Age-Eraze facials and brain-power formulas.

The Fuel Stop promise: improved energy, stronger immunity, a sharper mind, balanced emotions, deeper sleep and greater looks – sustainably.