Perform at your best, become bionic: feel and look great.

The Fuel Stop is the anti-pole to a traditional spa experience. Not time consuming, not relaxing but short in duration, naturally re-setting the body through extreme thermodynamics, achieving instant and unique results complemented with IV-based supplementation.

 Cutting-edge technologies, non-invasive in nature and short in duration are the core features of all treatments centered around ‘PAUSE. REFUEL. FLY’

The Fuel Stop offers the most advanced and exclusive electro-powered Whole Body Cryochamber, nitrogen-free. Customized vitamin infusions, proprietary nutritional cocktails and specialized face and body sculpt treatments complete the circuit.

The Fuel Stop is funded by Swiss investors with the objective to create a new category in the preventive healthcare and and self-optimization market dedicated to leading cities around the world, with NY being the first launch.


“In my experience as a nutritionist, active professional and mother of two living in New York City, I have looked for one concept that was simply nowhere to be found: a ‘fast-track’, all-natural and non-invasive formula to sustainably regenerate energy ‘to feel and look great’ in less than 15 min.”

Mila Joura, Founder

About the Founder

Mila Joura has been working as a nutritionist with international business leaders and high-performance athletes to achieve optimal physical and brain performance.   Dealing with fast-paced and demanding business environments, she has been driven to discover the optimal foundation for a healthy high-performance life.

As an active professional and mother of two, Mila experienced first-hand the challenges that a health-conscious urban population faces, such as metabolic slowdown, lifestyle-triggered inflammation, increased demand for sustainable energy and the need for strong immune system.

With these challenges and first-hand experiences, she decided to create an “accelerated regeneration” concept: the Fuel Stop. The Fuel Stop is designed with advanced cold therapy at its core that is enhanced by customized IV therapy and specialized face and body contour treatments. The Fuel Stop promise: improved energy, a sharper mind, balanced emotions, deeper sleep and greater looks – ‘Endurance. Energy. Sculpt.’