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As a nutritionist and a wellness lifestyle coach, Mila J. built a successful wellness practice fine-tuning world-class athletes and high-performing executives using holistic methods to upgrade their mental and physical well-being. Now she’s helping to shape the future of health and wellness services that offer supremely health-conscious tools to rebalance and recover from demanding lifestyles.

The Fuel Stop is the boutique wellness center, where customers can treat their brains and bodies with advanced, cutting-edge services typically reserved for professional athletes and ageless celebrities. Mila J. teamed up with Bio-Age Clinic of Dr.Paukman, and their Fast-Track Regeneration concept provides all necessary tools for holistic regeneration: from extensive blood testing and bio-identical hormone replacement to advanced detoxification, anti-inflammatory, and immune-building customized treatments. Over the past years, the whole Recovery concept in the self-care industry has skyrocketed: people are realizing that there are side effects when they add stresses of travel and extensive workouts to their bodies – being injured or being in pain, or not sleeping and being emotional wrecks.

Although all these problems existed forever, people do not want to be on drugs anymore, and they don’t want to get surgery. They’re seeking everything and anything to improve their body naturally. There are no shortcuts with your health and no way of cheating your body. The Fuel Stop gives you advanced tools to prove that your body is this amazing healing machine and it can heal itself with all science-based technologies.

Mila J

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