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15 min Circuit for Energy, Immunity, Detox.
US only Natural-Air full-submersion Cryotherapy, nitrogen-free.
Ozone/infrared/Microcurrent Detox chamber
Customized Vitamin IV-Push
NAD Anti-Ageing therapy
CBD Lounge

Immediate results with long-term benefits for ultimate performance and healing.

Complete the circuit in less than 15 minutes



Unique full submersion natural air Cryochamber - advanced nitrogen-free technology for optimal result.


Facial Cryo

Anti aging facial to improve circulation, produce collagen and achieve healthy glow.



Customized vitamin IV PUSH and BrainFloss formulas for the Circuit's regenerative and sustainable impact.

Experience our exclusive natural air

Full Submersion Cryochamber

NYC Only – advanced German technology for optimal Whole Body Cryotherapy, utilizing natural air solely, completely nitrogen-free.

Engineered for Our Genetics

Cold thermogenesis is the key element for toughening all systems in the body, genetically designed for ultimate body/mind regeneration. Reduce chronic pain, boost immunity, speed athlete recovery and increase metabolic rate.

Full Submersion in to Cryotemperatures

Full body exposure to minus 230F in the Cryochamber is the only way to stimulate receptors throughout the body - NOT through partial exposure to nitrogen vapors.

Advanced German Technology

We do not use harmful Nitrogen vapors - our unique Full Body Submersion technology is powered by electricity and utilizes solely natural air.

OCI 10

Transdermal Ozone, Carbonic Acid, Infrared and Micro-current Therapy – the only modality that simultaneously works on ALL the major systems in the body. 


Ozone therapy

• Inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi parasites and protozoa
• Cleans arteries and veins, improving circulation
• Reduces pain, calm nerves
Improves Brain function and memory
Reduces inflammation

Carbonic acid therapy

• Increases blood flow throughout the entire body
• Enhances oxygen delivery at a cellular level
• Natural anti-inflammatory compound
Calms central nervous system
Fat dissolving compound

Far infrared therapy

• Increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues
• Neutralizes blood toxicity
• Alleviates hypertension, osteoporosis, headaches and digestive issues
Detoxifies heavy metals
Improves Chronic Fatigue Syndrom


Muscle stimulation-skeletal and smooth muscles
Acceleration of reinnervation
Edema reduction
Challenge of metabolism
Activation of lipolysis
Influence on blood flow and lymph transport
Activation of metabolism

Mesotherapy and Age-Erase Facials

Facial Cryo

Local cryo-application for the face, resulting in glowing rejuvenated appearance. Stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles, get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes by boosting the body’s regenerative power.

Body Sculpt

Advanced Mesotherapy treatment for cellulite and localized fat reduction applied with Local Cryo for stronger Sculpting result. Stimulates skin repair, melts fat cells and destroys connective tissue bands responsible for the appearance of the cellulite.

Plasma Lifting

Utilizing body's own cell-renewing ability - personal blood plasma mixed with rejuvenating vitamins and applied deep into skin dermis for profound youthful effect.

Re-Plus Vitamin PUSH

Proprietary intravenous vitamin therapy with customized ingredients in advanced Push modality – 15 min Regeneration

Vitamin Infusion Push

Advanced Push delivery of customized formulas directly into the blood stream to boost immune system, reduce fatigue, detoxify and enhance athletic performance. Addresses everything from migraines to energy boost to muscle spasms, bypassing digestive system.

15 min Vitamin IV therapy

Perfect for the person on-the-go, Vitamin IV Push delivers vitamins, minerals and amino-acids in 15 min, avoiding excess water to optimize utilization in the cells.

Customized Formulas

Choose Your Formula:

NAD Therapy

NAD - The Cellular Repair and Anti-Ageing Neuron Elixir. Protects and repairs DNA, reverses cerebral ageing, rebuilds mitochondria, reduces brain inflammation, the Most Powerful Antioxidant.

Natural Air Cryochamber


in Full Submersion Natural Air Cryochamber: accelerate recovery, reduce inflammation, build endurance, burn calories, elevate mood.



with advanced Detox/Healing OCI-10: ozone, carbonic acid, infrared rays, hot steam and electrotherapy.

Vitamin Push


with customized vitamin IV Push to strengthen immune system, cleanse out toxins, balance vitamins and minerals.


Fast-Track Regeneration. Immediate results with long-term benefits for prevention, repair and healing. 15 min Circuit – Energy, Immunity, Detox.

The Fuel Stop CBD + Energy Lounge

Enhance Brain Energy, Elevate Mood, Reduce Anxiety with proprietary Brain Floss cocktails and large variety of CBD products.

Session pricing

Whole Body Cryo

Session $55

Series (7) $325

Membership (unlimited monthly) $500

Re-Plus Infusions

Energy Formula $175

Sport Formula $150

Immune Formula $200

Heart Formula $200

Brain/Mood Formula $230

Detox Formula $200

Detox/Immune Formula $285

Anti-Aging Formula $350

Age-Eraze facial

Facial Cryo $45

Series (5) $200

Micro-needling $325

Plasma Lifting $500

Placenta Facial $150

Perfectio Facial $200

OCI-10 Therapy

Session $150

Series (5) $685


B12 $35

D3 $35

CoQ10 $50

Glutathione 1000 mg $50

Glutathione 3000 mg $110

Vit C Push 5 mg $50

Vit C Boost Drip $110

Placenta $125

Placenta 5 pack $550

NAD Therapy

NAD IV drip 500 mg $450

NAD IV 3 pack $395 each

NAD IV drip 250 mg $250

NAD nasal spray $200


Mesotherapy Body $350

Oligoreduction $400

The Circuits

Circuit Refuel: Body Cryo+Facial Cryo+Fire-Up Shot $75

Circuit Revive: Body Cryo+Facial Cryo+Revive IV+Fire-Up Shot $180

Circuit Detox: Cryo Boost+OCI-10+Vit C Push+Fire-Up Shot $200

CBD+Energy Lounge

Brain Floss jar $65

Fire-Up Shot $8.50

CBD Gumdrops box $50

CBD Tincture 500mg $85

CBD Pain Relief Lotion $70

CBD Vape $50

CDB Transdermal Patch $25

CDB Lubricant $55

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The Fuel Stop Promise

Stronger body, higher energy, sharper mind, balanced emotions, deeper sleep, and greater looks – sustainably.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cryotherapy work?

The extreme low temperatures stimulate receptors, prompting the body to draw blood from the extremities to the core to protect the organs. When you exit the chamber, blood is pumped vigorously around the body, which enhances oxygen supply and removal of toxins. The cold also triggers the nervous system to release feel- good endorphins and dopamine plus the body natural anti-inflammatory reaction to extreme cold results in pain reduction.

Is it dangerous?

No, we use technologically advanced new-generation GERMAN medically-certified electric chambers. There’s no nitrogen in the chamber, the cold temperatures are reached by patented electric “cascade” technology, so the client is breathing ambient air without danger of fainting or burning the skin with nitrogen. Face mask is used to protect breathing passages from cold air.

How long does it take to see results?

Immediately you'll feel great due to the release of endorphins, the body’s natural mood elevator, lasting several hours. You may also feel immediate relief from joint and muscle pain, improved energy, and increased flexibility that will last for several hours or even days. Changes in skin texture and reduction in cellulite and weight loss will take longer and will require a series of treatments for maximum results.

How long is the treatment?

The treatment is of short duration (1.5 to 3 minutes), the cold air does not contain any moisture, nor there is any air current, so it is very tolerable. Towards the end of the treatment, you may get pins and needles sensation which disappears immediately after the treatment. After exiting the Cryochamber, you warm up by standing on the vibrating plate for 3 minutes.