Advantages of Vitamin IV Push

Fast resultsOur 15 min customized Vitamin Push addresses everything from migraines to energy boost to muscle spasms, as well as detox, fatigue, hangover, upper respiratory infections, chronic sinusitis and seasonal allergies.

Optimized deliveryIV Push increases the blood concentration of essential vitamins and minerals beyond what can be achieved by oral supplementation. IV Push offers fast delivery of concentrated nutrients right into the bloodstream for immediate cellular use, without being diluted in unnecessary saline drip bags.

Customized FormulasChoose from proprietary formulas, or we will create customized infusion based on your blood test. Our proprietary delivery method takes only 15 min. PAUSE-REFUEL-FLY

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Athletes commonly turn to IV therapy as way to enhance athletic performance and get rid of muscle spasms. If training for a marathon or competition, or preparing for high-intensity event, IV therapy is recommended.

Cold and Flu

Individuals that are looking to build up immune system with less susceptibility to viral illnesses benefit from Vitamin IV. As a fast cold remedy, it helps to get rid of sinusitis, flu and provide seasonal allergies help.

Sustainable Energy

IV therapy produces sustainable energy recovery lasting for days. In the case of fibromyalgia, decreased pain can be observed. Alleviates fatigue, migraines, asthma and allergies.

Proprietary Formulas

ENERGY - improve natural energy production, combat fatigue and jetlag

SPORT - elevate athletic performance and speed up recovery

BRAIN - sharpen brain function, memory, concentration, agility. Slow down age-related cognitive decline

HEART - strengthen the heart muscle, improve blood flow, protect arteries

IMMUNE - build stronger immune system, protect from colds, flues and chronic illnesses

DETOX - cleanse your liver and kidneys from toxins, reduce inflammation and clear out skin

ANTI-AGEING - Be Bionic, slow down aging with powerful antioxidants

Intestinal Malabsorption

Intestinal malabsorption is a modern times condition that affects most of us - when the intestines are unable to properly absorb nutrients from food due to lack of digestive enzymes, making us prone to nutritional deficiencies. Intravenous Vitamin therapy helps replenishing deficient nutrients directly in to the blood stream bypassing digestive system.