Dramatically Reduce Depression & Anxiety with Cryotherapy


Dramatically Reduce Depression & Anxiety with Cryotherapy

Electro-Powered Study Proves:

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  • What would life be like with LESS symptoms from depression anxiety?
  • In just 3 weeks, you could reduce your symptoms by 50%.
  • Studies used whole body elect-powered chambers, like the one pictured to the right.


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The Research

Clinically, Whole-body Cryotherapy (WBCT) was originally envisioned for use in the treatment of patients with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. It has now grown in popularity and is provided in over fifty European hospitals and many American medical facilities. Polish researcher J. Rymaszewska has published many papers about the studies of Whole Body Cryotherapy and Mental Health. Most notably, studies focusing on how Whole-body Cryotherapy influences symptoms of depression and anxiety, which proved it to be a successful treatment.

The initial study sampled 23 patients, ages 37-70, from a day hospital specializing in depression. The study participants underwent 10 sessions over the span of two weeks (daily Monday – Friday). The observed symptoms were rated at the beginning and end of the study using the 21-item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS),  a standard psychological questionnaire used by clinicians to measure severity of depression and anxiety symptoms. The results of this study profoundly showed that most individual HDRS items scored significantly lower after the cryotherapy treatment. This means that almost all symptoms were positively influenced by Cryotherapy. The results where so impressive that they received statistical significance. In essence, every patient reported significant relief of their symptoms after WBCT therefore concluding that WBCT helps in relieving depression symptoms.

Furthermore, the same team's study for depression and anxiety was performed on patients age 18-65. These patients underwent 15 cryotherapy treatments over 3 weeks with the similar Monday - Friday protocol. The study was carried out by the Department of Psychiatry of Wrocław Medical in Poland, and the protocol was approved by the local bioethics commission. Those that underwent the three week Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment reported a minimum of 50% reduction in their depression and anxiety symptoms. If you have any experience of depression or anxiety, what would like be like if in 3 weeks it was 50% less?



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