CRYO VS CRYO: Not all Cryo Created Equal


CRYO VS CRYO: Not all Cryo Created Equal

If you're following the latest trends in wellness, Cryotherapy is a familiar term to you. The research based benefits of this therapy for everyday optimal performance as well as injury and illness related relief is astounding. It's proven versatility in the fields of Health & Wellness, Sports & Injury Recovery, Beauty & Anti Aging, are just a few to say the least. This sparks many questions such as, Where did it come from? What are some of these benefits? Which cryo technology is best and why?

This form of therapy, originated in Japan in the 1970's as a way of alleviating rheumatoid arthritis, led the path for cryotherapy to be used for other conditions as well. It's safe and natural treatment helps to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, increase cell survival and promote overall health. During the treatment, your blood rushes to the core in response to the sub-zero temperatures. Your blood then becomes nutrient-dense and oxygenated. Minutes after the treatment, when your blood moves back through the body it removes toxins and irritation, encouraging natural healing.

Many of the research based benefits of cryotherapy include:


  • Pain relief from joint disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Detoxification
  • Reduced muscle discomfort, inflammation and spasms
  • Mitigating the effects of depression, fatigue, anxiety and other effects of stress (more on this in a future blog)

Sports/Exercise Recovery

  • Reduce DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • Enhanced energy and endorphin release
  • Fast injury recovery by reducing inflammation

Beauty & Anti Aging

  • Reduces oxidative stress to the skin by increasing blood flow to skin
  • Increases collagen production which reduces signs of aging
  • Reduces cellulite
  • And much much more

There are two forms of Cryotherapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy (The electro-powered chamber found only in NYC at The Fuel Stop) and Partial Body Cryotherapy, commonly known as the nitrogen tanks found in most facilities. When Cryotherpy began, the nitrogen chamber was the only way to get the body cold enough for the benefits, but now that technology allows us to include Whole Body immersion in the electro-powered chamber which research shows is tremendously superior. 

Why is the Whole Body electro-powered chamber so much more effective? The Vagus Nerve, containing motor and sensory fibers, is basically the conductor of the Nervous System, and located at the base of the cranium. The head must be submerged to activate the reset of this nerve. Even Tony Robbins, worldwide success guru, recently spoke about cryotherapy on the Tim Ferris Podcast. He upgraded the cryotherapy units in ALL of his homes from nitrogen to electro-powered for this very reason. 

A study published on Plos One: a peer reviewed open access journal, highlighted that "the direct effect of cold on the head alone... aided parasympathetic reactivation significantly following exercise. This increase in vagal tone in response to cold stimuli applied to the face is thought to be principally mediated by trigeminal brain stem pathways..." The accompanying photo displays the thermic effects of the Whole Body vs Partial Body, showing that only the Whole Body system produces these thermic effects in the location of the Vagus nerve.

What this means is, in order to get the full benefit in the Nervous System you must include the head. Only Whole Body Cryotherapy, like the German technology system used at The Fuel Stop, will create this activation of the Vagus Nerve. If you're choosing to use cryotherapy for these benefits, wouldn't you want to use the most effective and proven method? Only the whole body electro-powered chamber produces such fantastic results, so come visit us at The Fuel Stop!